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Welcome to the I-72 Opportunity Corridor website! This website serves as a comprehensive source for economic development information for the counties of Pike, Scott, and Morgan located along the I-72 Corridor in West Central Illinois. This website will provide detailed information about economic development opportunities in the municipalities and counties along the corridor. Thank you for taking time to visit our website and learn about the opportunties it has to offer!

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Was happy to attend the open house for Bradshaw's new Pig Barn yesterday. Another huge benefit to our local economy! Economic Impact of Bradshaw’s New 5,000 Head Pig Barn • Annual Corn consumption approximately 90,000 bushels valued at $315,000 • Annual Soybean consumption approximately 20,000 bushels valued at $180,000 • All feed will be delivered from Western Illinois Feed in Pleasant Hill supporting local jobs and local farmers. • The new hog farm will produce more than 700,000 pork chops and 10 million slices of bacon per year. • Manure from the hog farm will fertilize nearby corn and soybean fields in an environmentally sound and sustainable manner. • The new farm will also add to the local tax base and contribute taxes to the county and local roads, school district and other local taxing districts. • The farm construction and operation creates economic development for local businesses including: o Longhorn Cattle & Swine Confinement o Pike County Lumber o Pike County Concrete o PikeCo Power o Thorn Creek Insurance o Prairieland FS o B-K Electric o Pike Pigs o Western Illinois Feed

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