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I-72 Corridor Business Advantages

Labor Pool

The six county I-72 Corridor region has a population of 89,158. The region as a labor pool of over 56,324 potential employees that have a great rural work ethic and understanding of hard work. Depending upon the location of companies within the region, the labor pool could be larger as different area locations can draw from other labor pools. Contact us for more detailed information.

Benefits for Employees

In addition to leveraging our existing workforce, companies can recruit employees interested in experiencing the many benefits of living and working in the Midwest. Our quality of life benefits include –

  • Excellent education system. Our K-12 system is highly rated and with a smaller student body, it is easy for students to get individualized attention.

  • Advanced education opportunities. With two community colleges, two liberal arts colleges, and technical schools, those looking to advance their education or skills can do so at an affordable price, all close to home.

  • Natural beauty. With an abundance of natural beauty, our region of Illinois provides for plenty of outdoor activities.

  • Leadership programs. The CEO Program is offered in our schools so that our youth can learn how to be strong leaders.

  • Low traffic. Anyone moving to our region from a major city or suburb will appreciate the lack of traffic and how easy it is to get around.

  • Low cost of living. Jacksonville, Illinois, for example, has a cost of living index of 83 compared to the national average of 100. Those locating here can buy a house for 57 percent of the national average, which means more disposable income and a higher quality of life.

Interstate Highways, Rail Lines and Barges. All here.

business advantages mapBeing located in the center of the United States offers businesses numerous advantages when it comes to shipping needs. The I-72 Corridor offers sites with Interstate Highway, River, Rail, and Air access. I-72 offers ease of access to both companies and employees. Our location offers 2 day trucking reach to the majority of the country! The region has access to shipping via the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers. 2 different rail lines serve the area and even have spurs developed to select sites. The corridor also has access to two airports in Jacksonville and Pittsfield.

Mid-America Freight Corridor – Interstate 72 Profile 

Abundant Water Supply

Being situated along the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers creates a number of opportunities for those industries dependent upon water supply. Whether it’s shipping and receiving product or access to potable water for production, our region can supply your company the water it needs! Our region’s water is supplied by the Mississippi and Illinois River alluvials and which makes it virtually limitless. Click here to learn more about our water availability!

High Speed Fiber Optic Broadband

The I-72 Corridor boasts 4 providers of fiber broadband that can offer speeds and reliability offered in metropolitan areas. Coupled with reliable and affordable power supplies and low exposure to natural disasters, this makes the I-72 corridor area prime for the development of data information centers.

Diverse Economy

The I-72 Corridor is fortunate to have a variety of employment sectors to support its strong agriculture based economy. View our Targeted Industries section to learn more about our economy.

High Crop and Livestock Outputs

The Ag economy is strong in the region. Recent numbers from the latest USDA census numbers from 2012 below illustrate the size of our region’s Ag economy.

regional outputs

Strong Education System

The I-72 Corridor is served by a number of community based K-12 schools. Students have access a variety of affordable post-secondary and technical education options. Every school district along the Corridor also has access to the CEO program, because we believe in teaching our youth the importance of being leaders and entrepreneurs.


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