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Target Industry Profile: Agriculture

Illinois ranks #3 in the nation for agricultural exports. Our fertile soil, abundant land, and hard-working people make us a go-to destination for companies in food manufacturing and agriculture in general.  This has also made us #1 in the U.S. for processed food sales, totaling $180 billion. The I-72 Corridor plays an important role in the agricultural economy of Illinois and our location is ideal for companies looking to transport food products throughout the country. Within 500 miles of us, there are over 80 million people – a built-in customer base.

Major Employers in the I-72 Opportunity Corridor

The Maschhoffs

This family owned business has been producing pork for five generations. They are the largest hog production network in North America that is still family owned and they are locate in Carlyle, Illinois. They work with 550 farms and can feed 16 million people with the amount of pork they produce.


An agricultural company focused on trading raw goods and exports, they have been around since the early 1900’s and are a major employer in our area. Their products include soybean and canola oil that is used for making margarine and animal feed.


In the business of transforming crops, ADM “feeds your food business.” They support food manufacturers by providing the ingredients necessary to make products found on the shelves of most grocery stores. They employ more than 32,000 people and are a major employer in the I-72 corridor.

Consolidated Grain and Barge Co.

Farmers need to get their products to market and CGB helps them to do so. They specialize in buying, storing, and shipping crops in addition to assisting with financing and risk management. They have several locations in Illinois and are involved in numerous stages of agricultural production and sales.

Prairieland FS, Inc.

Located in Jacksonville, Illinois, Prairieland FS, Inc. is a major employer, employing people who specialize agri-finance, crops, petroleum, propane and the business side of agriculture. Their team includes marketing professionals and technology experts who can help farmers become more successful. They are part of the GROWMARK system.


Cargill has grown from a company with a single grain elevator to one who employs more than 150,000 people in 70 countries. They help farmers to grow and open up export markets. They work alongside farmers to help them increase output and overcome challenges. An I-72 Corridor employer, Cargill has continued to expand in our area as their business has grown.


A provider of quality seed, Burrus is about farmer independence, high-yield crops and technological innovation. Their business has been founded on Midwest hospitality and work ethic and they are so confident in their service, that the owners of the company publish their phone number online. People trust them and because of it, they have been in business for over eighty years.

Join Us

These are only a few of the agri-businesses thriving in our region. If you are interested in joining them and learning more about agri-business in the I-72 Opportunity Corridor, reach out. We will be happy to answer your questions and assist your business however possible.

Posted: January 20, 2017
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