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Target Industry Profile: Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is growing in the I-72 Corridor due to our low-cost of living and real estate, high-skilled workforce and easy access to major metropolitan areas throughout the country. Being located on a major interstate in Illinois, we are centrally located in the middle of the country, making it easy to obtain raw materials and transport completed goods ready to be sold. This has led to a manufacturing increase of 1.4% for the past several years.

It Starts with Education

Today’s manufacturing industry depends on a skilled workforce who understands how to use technology on a daily basis. To support the demands of our manufacturing sector, local community college have created training programs to equip people with the skills they need to enter the workforce and hit the ground running. John Wood Community College and Lincoln Land Community College have taken a proactive approach to ensuring that our local manufacturing companies have the skilled labor they need to grow.

Featured Manufacturing Companies in the I-72 Corridor

Some of the manufacturing strengths found in our region are:

  • Paint and coating manufacturing

  • Clay building material manufacturing

  • HVAC manufacturing

  • Printed circuit and electronic manufacturing

  • Farm machinery manufacturing

The companies below are leveraging the assets found within our region to create something unique.

CCK Automation

Located in Jacksonville, Illinois, CCK Automation is at the forefront of technology, designing custom circuit board assemblies. Their circuit boards and control panels have been designed and manufactured by some of the best people in the industry and this quality has helped them to sustain and expand to where they now have 49 employees and a 100,000 square-foot warehouse space.


Specializing in patent-based product development in the air compressor industry, Westermeyer was started in 2001 to both engineer and manufacture products. The owner has his own patents and their ability to engineer products in the air conditioning and refrigeration industry allows them to stay cutting-edge while producing real solutions to their customer’s needs.

Bale Band IT

They developed a ‘bale band unit’ designed to bale small square bales of hay. With a pickup unit for sale, their technology helps farmers to bale hay faster. Their one-pass solution also leverages technology so that farmers can use an app to improve their operational efficiencies. They have also come up with solutions for dry air hay storage that are being used by farmers throughout the Mid-West. With the philosophy of “bale more, handle less”, they are helping farmers to do more in less time.

Workforce Opportunities

In the I-72 Corridor we have thousands of skilled workers that can immediately be put to work in manufacturing jobs. We have implemented a “Skills Ready” model that aims to train people for work in high-demand industries. As a manufacturing company, you can leverage a variety of resources and even work with the local community colleges to create training specific to your needs.

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Posted: January 20, 2017
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